Replacing the locks on your home vs. re-keying them

Often I hear people say it’s more cost effective to replace your locks than to rekey them, as you have to pay a trip charge and fee per cylinder. It is true that the price would exceed the cost of a new lock if you had one door with one lock. However, at least with our pricing, if you have more than two locks you will save money with Danny Joes! We charge a nominal trip charge of $45 and $7 per cylinder so for two locks you’d be right around $60; this would break even on picking up replacements at the store, which are ranging from $20-$30 a piece. Any additional cylinders above that would save you roughly $13-$23 per lock. But wait, there’s more! The added bonus to calling us is that since we disassemble and re-pin your existing locks, you don’t have to worry about matching styles and finishes! You get the same locks you had just reconfigured. Another benefit is having everything on one key, providing all locks can be matched.

What if my door locks aren’t working? Should I replace them?

We carry new and used locks; if your lock isn’t working, it may just need one part replaced or just an alignment adjustment and replacing it won’t help. We check every lock for functionality prior to completing the job.

What is the per cylinder fee?

We charge per cylinder not per lock, the only time this is important is if you have a deadbolt or knob that uses a key on both sides. These are most commonly found on glass doors where the concern is that if someone breaks the glass they can’t reach in and unlock the door.

So now that you know the basics, save money call Danny Joe!