Methods of Making Keys from Scratch

When you lose your keys it’s frustrating and can be a very upsetting experience on the whole. We can take the pressure off and make this a smooth process for you. For the most part, vehicle keys take a half hour to 45 minutes to make. There are a few common methods for this. One of these is to remove a lock from the vehicle; usually your locksmith will remove the easiest lock to access, which is most often the trunk lock or tailgate lock. Sometimes removing the door lock, ignition, or glovebox lock is preferrable. With the lock out, there may be a code on it. This can be looked up to retrieve the specific cuts needed for your key. Other times the lock may be disassembled to get the cuts.

Another method is to use a reader. These tools measure the pins with the lock in the door. Readers can be a great asset for a locksmith, as when they work properly they save time and reduce any risk of damage from disassembly.

The last method is to impression the key. To do this, a locksmith makes a razor thin key and uses the lock to mark the key where it needs cut. Impressioning, when done correctly can save time and prevent damage, but it’s definitely an acquired skill that takes practice.

At least one or all of the above methods will work for pretty much any vehicle. Always be sure to tell your locksmith if the ignition key is different from the other locks as this may complicate things. Don’t forget to call Danny Joe’s for any locksmith needs!