What if my keys are lost or stolen?

If you’ve ever lost your keys, it’s probably occurred to you how disastrous it could be if they were in the wrong hands. On two occasions this week, I’ve responded to folks who have had their keys stolen. One of those actually resulted in the theft of the vehicle. I’ve even seen divorces and breakups where this happens. Thankfully, there are some options if you ever go through this ordeal. The cheapest option, if your vehicle is equipped with a chip key or transponder system, I can erase the old keys. This still gives them access to the car, but they cannot drive off with it, as it won’t start. The next option if you do not have a transponder, is to change the ignition key. This is just as effective as erasing the old keys, if not more, as it also prevents the vehicle from being put in neutral. Both of these options are good for some people but not everyone. Your next option for total security and peace of mind, is to change all of the locks and erase any old keys and remotes. This usually takes longer and is more expensive, but you can rest easy knowing there is no feasible way someone is going to have access to the car, and you got a good rate by calling Danny Joe!

If you are considering just replacing the locks on your own, that is a perfectly fine idea. I recommend practicing the disassembly at the junk yard, as it allows you a chance to get a feel for things without risking damage to your car. For the non do it yourselfer, there are a two options. Take it to a dealer or garage, or call a locksmith. In my experience, you can always get a better deal with a locksmith. The main reason is a dealer or shop will either replace the locks and ignition with new ones, often incurring higher costs, or subcontracting the work out and now you pay a middleman. Why pay the middleman? Most locksmiths will simply disassemble the locks and swap the pins, thus changing the cut pattern required rendering the old keys useless.

Remember if you’re ever in this situation, call Danny Joe’s! You can never have too much peace of mind.