Installing a Lock on a Bare Door

If you’re replacing a door on your home there are several things to consider, such as what hardware you want to go with and how you are going to get it installed, as well as whether or not you buy a door with the holes pre drilled for the locks. If you are keeping the jamb, you should buy a blank door with no holes drilled, as you want the locks on the new door to be in the same place they were on the old one. The two most common brands are kwikset and Schlage. These keys have distinctive shaped heads, so if you want the new locks to match an existing key you will want to make sure the head is similar to your current key. You can google this or ask at the hardware store. If matching them up is not a concern, then in my opinion schlage makes a better residential lock. However, Kwikset is a good brand, in fact they have a lock that is pick proof and bump proof. This is their smart lock line, this would lead you to believe that this is a more secure lock and it is to an extent. However most criminals aren’t going to pick the lock. They will kick the door in first or use brute force on the lock. With these If you’re ever locked out the cylinder has to be destroyed and replaced to gain access. However the perk with the smart lock is that it’s designed to allow you to change the lock on your own and it’s really simple. So there are a few drawbacks to this line, but overall it’s comparable to most residential brands and gives you a little more.

So you have picked your hardware, now you have a blank door that needs locks installed. Any lock you buy will need the same size holes drilled, there is a 2 1/8″ hole for the lock and a 1″ hole for the latch. They make cheap kits to do this on your own, but for the best results I would recommend calling a locksmith. It’s relatively simple to install a lock on a bare door, but you want to make sure the locks line up with the holes on the existing door jamb, also you want to ensure that the holes are drilled straight and the door is mortised out for the latch face. Any of this being off might affect functionality or leave an undesirable fit. If you call Danny Joe’s, we can get those locks installed professionally in about a half hour a piece and they will look like they were always there!