Going to a Local Locksmith vs Corporate Locksmiths

The other day, I had a customer say the main reason our ad had swayed him was because of our local phone number. While I can think of a few other reasons to call Danny Joe’s over the competition, this got me thinking. You see, this customer had called several 800 numbers and had bad luck with every one of them. While there are great corporate locksmiths and being that small business Saturday is coming, up here are Five reasons local may be better.

1.) Most local companies are small. What this means for you is that if in any way the work doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s a lot easier to get to the highest link in the chain so that you get a satisfactory resolution. In fact with Danny Joe’s, all of the calls go straight to the owner for booking. With a corporate locksmith, you may wind up talking to a bunch of people who’ve never even had field experience and may not fully understand the issue. They just man the phones.

2.) Money. If you think about it, you will likely save money going local. Most corporate locksmiths are franchises of a bigger corporation. So basically you are paying a franchise owner, who pays a corporation. Not only do they have more overhead, but also less control over corporate set pricing.

3.) Subcontracting. I’ve had offers for this on a few occasions and this is a crazy set up which is why I always refuse. In some cases, the 800 number you call goes to a call center for a company that just advertises the services. When you call them, they call a locksmith and they take a percentage from that locksmith. These companies don’t always vet the subcontractors fully. So now If you have an issue, you are calling an ad agency with virtually no liability to get the issue resolved! In addition you are paying more for a company to pick a locksmith from a phone book.

4.) Doing business locally helps the economy locally. When you do business locally your money stays in the state longer, helping other businesses as well creating more jobs; this is why doing business locally is always a good choice.

5.) When you call a local locksmith, whether they have a one man shop or a crew of ten, for the most part everybody knows their company’s name is on their work, and they are responsible for the outcome, and that has a direct effect on how the company performs. Buying local from any small business often results in a better product.

Danny Joe’s is locally owned and operated. You will always speak directly to the owner when you call, meaning we have more control over the prices, and you are always guaranteed the best price! You’ll never have to worry about your job being done quickly and professionally, Danny Joe’s makes sure you get a professional result, no matter the job!