Five Common Problems With Your Ignition and How To Solve Them

If your ignition switch isn’t working there are quite a few possible causes. If you have a newer Honda, it’s likely broken pins. If you have a Dodge, the whole lock may be worn, and if it’s a Chevy there may be an issue with a loose cap. Below are some signs and symptoms and the solutions to them.

1.) Key will not slide in all the way or won’t come out, you may have bent or broken pins. This can happen on any car, but is most common on Toyotas and Hondas with split pins.

2.) Key pulls out in the on or run position- a likely cause is a worn key. Cutting an original to factory specs will often resolve this. If it doesn’t, replacing the ignition and key will resolve this. We can even make a replacement ignition match your existing key!

3.) Ignition turns on and starts the car, but won’t turn off- There are two possible causes. Either the car doesn’t know it’s in park, this may require linkage adjustments which your mechanic can perform, or most commonly on GMs, the cap that holds the pins and springs in place is coming loose and needs to be re-staked in.

4.) Key will not turn at all. If this is a first time or even rare occurrence, likely the steering wheel is bound. Twisting the steering wheel to the free direction while turning the key will free it up. If this is not the case or the issue is progressively getting worse, then you likely either have bent pins or a worn key.

5.) Key turns really loosely or car will not turn on at all- In this case something is broken. This could be the tailpiece on the back of the lock, or something in the lock mechanism or housing. On some Dodge vehicles, this is commonly caused by a broken plastic piece. If you have this issue we can identify the specific cause and make repairs.

Most ignitions are highly serviceable and we do theft repairs, as well as all of the above repairs and many more!