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2003 and new Honda Ignition and door lock issues and why you should call a locksmith

If you have a 2003 or newer Honda, you may have noticed that your ignition or door locks are a little finicky or not working at all, as happens in most cases. This article pertains to the laser cut keys which are engraved as pictured below in picture 1. If you have a 2003 or newer Honda and notice the key doesn’t slide in or turn when inserted, odds are you have a common issue taking place. These cars weredesigned with locks that use split pins. These are pictured below in picture2, notice the arrows pointing to the nub this is the part that has issues. Basically, the term split pins means is the pins that the key moves into place are two part pins where you have a different pin for each side of the key. Over time as the key wears, the pins start to slide down the side of the key instead of along the cuts. This results in the pins shearing off and breaking. If you are experiencing this issue on your ignition, the dealer will want to charge you $400 or more to replace the whole ignition lock assembly itself. This is because their technicians do not disassemble and replace the pins, they replace the whole unit which is seldom necessary and results in having two keys for one vehicle. This may seem like a good fix, but over time these pins wear as well, causing the issue to occur again. Thankfully there is a much better solution.

Call a locksmith! A locksmith can go out and replace the pins in your ignition for a lot less. I charge $160 for performing this service on the ignition and replacement key is included. Where this benefits you is lower cost. Not to mention most times you get pins with an improved design for longer use, you get a replacement key to prevent the issue, and you still have one key for all of the locks on your vehicle. If you are a do it yourselfer, I know what you’re thinking: “Why can’t I order a cheap replacement online?” I’ll tell you why I wouldn’t. Most replacement ignitions go for $80 to $150 online and they may or may not be keyed the same. If the seller keys it the same, you are still using a worn out key which can speed up the wear process. If they provide you with a replacement, you are still going to pay $70 or more to program it to your car. If they don’t key it the same, now you are paying $70 or more to have it programmed and you have two different keys for your car. Now doesn’t that sound like a lot of work? In addition to this, these cars are designed to make it tough to remove the ignitions which utilize breakaway bolts, this is an anti-theft measure that makes it tough to remove the part. Save time, money and hassle! Call a locksmith!


  • Dealer replacements are more expensive.
  • Online ordering is going to cost you the same or more if you need the key reprogrammed.
  • Reusing worn keys is what causes this so whichever route you go get a replacement key.