Auto Theft and Recovery Repair

One thing nobody wants to go through is having a vehicle stolen. It’s a violating feeling and can leave you feeling uneasy, as well as frustrated. Unfortunately, I’ve been running into a lot of vehicle theft recovery jobs lately. In most cases, whether the vehicle was actually stolen or just damaged, the damage is significant enough to warrant a few hundred dollars in parts and labor; in some cases this can easily exceed $1000 if the steering column needs replaced.

I know used parts can often cause debate with people because yes they are cost effective but some folks would rather use new parts with no possible wear. When discussing steering column locks and parts putting on used parts is not as cringeworthy as it sounds. In fact most of the parts in a steering column are designed for repetitive use and pretty much last forever so re-using them poses little risk for further issues. In fact we pull our own parts so they are inspected before and after installation to ensure full functionality. And will offer a limited warranty on parts we provide.

In cases with extensive damage to help keep costs down, we provide the option of putting in used parts. This can greatly reduce the cost. For example, I recently had a job with Jeep Cherokee; the guy was at work during broad daylight where the thieves got in removed the ignition and attempted to drive off. Had he not had a chip key, his car would have been gone. But thankfully the anti theft system stopped this. Upon arrival I was able to tell that this was going to be challenging. The skim module (chip reader) was damaged; this part is required for the car to start and is expensive as it’s dealer only. The ignition was also destroyed, and the column needed replaced. This is where I gave the guy the options and pricing. In the end we went with a used steering column that I sourced with new trim, we re used his airbag, I put in a brand new ignition lock that matched the existing key and repaired the skim module. When he initially called a shop their quote was $1500+ for all new parts by using quality used parts we got the job done for roughly $400 this consisted mostly of labor charges as the parts costs were now minimal. On top of the huge savings we did this in the course of two days! This was something I was able to provide a limited warranty on, and there was no wait time on ordering parts, so the turnaround was much quicker.

Another one I performed was for a mechanics shop.
In this instance, the column was salvageable but once again the skim module was destroyed. By using electrical parts from both the old module and a used one, and providing a new ignition, I was able to save the shop about $160 in materials. Furthermore, the vehicle was running and secured in the same day, whereas getting OEM new parts had a 5 day wait. This helped them not only on cost, but it helped them get the car back to its owner in one piece faster.

If you find yourself in a similar position, you can rest assured that Danny Joe’s will go above and beyond to get your vehicle back to where it was previously at the best price possible!